A4 Flexible 0.75mm Double Sided Lapboards Grid / Plain

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These grid line math boards are child and small hand friendly.  These consumer orientated boards are easily cleaned and effective in their purpose due to being lightweight and easy to hold for children and adults of all ages. These are great to use at home for educational and leisure purposes, schools, colleges and offices. These can serve multiple functions for the learning of mathematics, for people gaining an initial understanding of numbers to those learning to do more advanced additions, subtractions, multiplication and division. There are 30 boards supplied in this pack, the grid lines print on the board is permanent, the reverse side is blank but also still usable as a white lap board.

Clean-up is as simple as wiping the board down after use and putting away in an easily stacked manner due to the light weight plastic that make these boards and universal A4 size. These can be deep cleaned if needed with the correct whiteboard cleaner and conditioner. This however, would not be necessary if the pens always used were our own tried and tested products! The timeless look with the easy to understand design teamed with the portable size makes learning easy both at home and on the go. For in the classroom and on school trips these boards are great for enabling learning when in one place or on the go.

Our products are manufactured to the very highest of quality and standards. The boards are made from a durable and slim plastic that is non-porous to ensure no ghosting on the smooth surface and are incredibly difficult to chip. These super strong lapboards will not crack or bend under everyday pressures but will allow enough flexibility to ensure they will not snap unlike other rigid MDF counterparts. Another of the many advantages to purchasing one of these superior boards is no maintenance needed and you will never need to worry about our boards degrading over time. These are resistant to flex marks and staining, keeping these looking better for longer.

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